Waco Census 2020

April 1 is Census day!

April 1 is Census day!

April 1 is Census day!April 1 is Census day!April 1 is Census day!

Your count affects Waco and McLennan County's public resources for the next 10 years. 

What is the Census?

Every decade, the U.S. Census Bureau conducts a count of every person living in the United States, called the Census. The next Census day is April 1, 2020.  Getting counted is an important way to contribute to the Waco community, today and for the next 10 years. Census data impacts essential public services provided by states and local governments such as healthcare, public safety, education and transportation. The Census determines our representation in Congress and is used in redistricting at the state and local level. Your participation in the 2020 Census is safe and important to our community’s future. 

Hospitals & Healthcare


 Hospitals use census data to perform needs assessments, plan new locations and understand their service populations better to provide quality care. 

Public Safety


 Census data plays an important role in keeping our communities safe, including building new fire stations and allocating resources. 

Roads & Transportation


A complete count will help influence funding decisions on transportation improvements to keep pace with Waco and McLennan County's rapid population growth.


Schools & Education


 Understanding how the census is tied to education is important to providing a bright future for the youngest generation of Waco and McLennan County residents. 

Economic Development


Businesses use Census data to know where to open locations and what products to offer, while banks open offer new programs based partly on Census data. 



Funding from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) used to improve infrastructure and housing conditions is apportioned to McLennan County based on census numbers.  

Earn extra income and help your community. Visit 2020census.gov/jobs to view available jobs in our area. 


Why you count

Without an accurate count, Texas stands to lose more than $43 billion per year, including funds for Medicaid, SNAP, the National School Lunch Program and Section 8 Housing Vouchers - to name a few. 


Where you count

The Census has historically been completed through the mail and door-to-door at your primary residence by official Census takers. 2020 marks the first time time the Census can also be completed online. 


How you count

Central Texas residents will receive a postcard in the mail with a unique identification number. Once you receive your postcard, you can fill out your Census online, over the phone or at your door with a Census taker.