Census Action Centers

What is a Census Action Center?

Census Action Centers (CACs) provide readily accessible ways for people to respond to the 2020 census where they gather naturally and with support from the Census Bureau and Why I Count, Waco-McLennan County! 


 What is the Purpose of a Census Action Center? 

  1. To increase self-response and therefore improve overall data quality and accuracy.
  2. To help the public respond to the census by providing sites/events where they can respond.
  3. To answer respondent questions about the census, especially where there are language barriers that prevent them from self-responding.

Census Action Center Requirements 

  • Places with secure WiFi where respondents can use computers, laptops, iPads and phones to self-respond to the census. 
  • Places where respondents can access secure WiFi to respond to the census using their own device. 
  • Locations where people can pick up or receive information about responding to the census. 
  • Places that can provide assistance to self-respondents through the self-response period, March 12  to April 30, 2020.


Event-Based Census Action Center 

  • Sponsored community gathering to promote, encourage, and/or assist people to self-respond.

Highly Mobile Census Action Centers

  • In areas where self-response is not performing as expected, the Census Bureau or Why I Count Waco-McLennan County, will stand up census action centers within several days to try to increase self-response.
  • Locations for Highly Mobile Census Action Centers target places that the community frequents regularly.